About Us

Robinson Editions was born from the Jack Robinson Archive www.robinsonarchive.com. Jack Robinson (1928-1997) was an important Vogue Magazine photographer who worked as a freelance photographer in New York and the world from 1955 to 1997. He also contributed to Life, Esquire, The New York Times and other publications. He began his career in professional photography in New Orleans in 1945 where he worked for 10 years though our photographic work starts in the late 1930s. Upon his death the estate began cataloguing well over 150,000 vintage images of celebrities, fashion, landscapes, street scenes of the cities of the world, the United States, the American countryside and whatever caught his eye as he traveled on assignment and as a freelancer. The unique nature of his work has been embraced by several other archives, most importantly Getty Images and Corbis, who have represented his work since the late 1990s. This special relationship has created a partnership that allows Robinson Editions to host a vast archive of vintage photographic images some of which are shown on this site.Though we specialize in vintage Americana photographic images we also have images made in other countries as well. Over half of the photographs we have were taken years ago but are available as new prints. We offer silver gel darkroom prints from our negative collection as well as digital prints and offset lithographs. All prints are hand numbered and noted by Robinson Editions staff art associates. All of the photographs in the Robinson Editions portfolios have been catalogued by Dan Oppenheimer, the heir to the Jack Robinson estate, along with expert help of his staff. Mr. Oppenheimer owns the negatives and copyrights to all of Jack Robinson's work except a few images where other arrangements have been made. Because we own such a large archive we encourage direct inquiries for subject matter. For example if you are looking for vintage images of a particular region, city or subject we will produce a special portfolio for you to look at in order to assist you to make an appropriate selection. We offer archival and standard framing services. We can ship one framed photograph, or 1000 framed photographs.